Britney, Butt-Lifting Body Shaper W/ Removable, Adjustable Straps

$99.95 USD $149 USD

Lift your booty and your confidence and flatten your waist!  A sexy slim design enhances the buttocks area. Unlike standard body-shapers, this shape wear transforms your both your hips and the mid-section for a stunning silhouette makeover. Britney body shaper is seamless under tight-fitting clothes and with no panty lines; you can show off a stunning, flawless figure. This shape wear’s  unique open-back design boosts, lifts and rounds your rear. Perfect for post-pregnancy wear or anytime you want a no-wait tune-up for your buttocks and waist. Your curves really can have it all with this transformative body shaper!


  • Middle latex lining firmly slims the midsection
  • Special bands raise the gluteus up to 5 cm
  • Removable, adjustable straps
  • Front Zipper
  • Breathable, antibacterial, washable fabric


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