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Waist Trainer or Corset?

A lot of women are confused about the difference between a waist trainer vs a corset while making a purchase decision. So what is this hype about waist training anyways? And what about the comfort factor? What is “steel boned” (sounds ominous, I agree). And should I buy a corset instead? Let me demystify the myth surrounding waist trainer vs corset for you, in this blog.

Waist trainer and waist cinchers are essentially the same things. Corset, however, is a little different from the other two. Corsets have been around for centuries (remember the westerns and the period movies?). They have been used to give an hourglass shape to a woman’s body while supporting the bust. The modern day corsets have come a long way, with spring steel boning to support the waist and help you in shrinking inches from your midsection. Corsets are typically made out of a flexible material such as cloth or lace. Modern Waist training corsets have Spring steel boning inserted into channels waist and are tightened by using lacing at the back or front. A corset can be worn over an outfit like Kim Kardashian did.  These corsets are so stylish that they can be an outfit by themselves.. with sexy shorts or an elegant skirt.



Waist trainers, on the other hand, are undergarments made of latex, spandex or nylon and have spiral or plastic boning. They also use some plastic or occasionally steel boning to help retain their shape. Waist trainers are fastened using hook-and-eye closures in the front. Instead of using laces to slim the waistline, the materials provide firm compression, which typically results in a reduction of 1 to 3 inches from the waistline. You can size down a cincher/ trainer by fastening the tighter row of eyes with the hooks. Steel boning is the most supportive of your back and waist and gives a great posture. It also lasts longer. Waist trainers work by targeting your fat cells to help you achieve curves and reduce your waist line. When worn properly, latex, spiral steel boned waist trainer is most comfortable and can be worn for hours with most desired results.



The Verdict: Both waist trainers and corsets are equally effective for waist training and inches loss. If you are wearing either st for at least 6-8 hours a day over an extended period of time, you may see some great results because of the added heat stimulation to your core—not to mention some added posture support and overall confidence boost.

Some women prefer corsets because overall you will get a MORE dramatic hourglass shape when you wear one. But others prefer the ease of use that comes with waist trainers, because of the material, as well as the versatility they have under clothing. Also waist trainers use Thermal Compression Technology for maximum fat burn.

One added advantage of waist trainers is that you can wear it under regular clothes beside to the gym. They come in a shorter cut and are flexible yet durable. One has the ease of movement while increasing the intensity of your workouts. Waist Trainers should definitely be added to your workout wardrobe – the bright colors make them fun to flaunt at the gym. Waist trainers can be woorn to sleep, to the office and while performing everyday tasks. Corsets, on the other hand, look sexier, even when worn over the clothing.

So ladies, both waist trainers, and corsets give amazing results. Its finally your choice… i would say, both


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