The Waist Sculpting Craze

The waist shaping craze has swept over the world and everyone you see, from celebrities on Instagram to that diva in your gym has had some help from the incredible shape-altering benefits of waist trainers and cinchers. What about you?

So waist training is a time-tested technique for achieving small waist. Women, all across the world and over many centuries have been using waist training to trim their bodies down. From centuries ago from the Renaissance period to Rose from Titanic to our modern-day Hollywood goddesses?  It is an effective way to enhance your natural figure and accentuate your curves. The renewed obsession of our society with the hourglass figure has brought waist training to the forefront again.



Waist trainers are the tools that shape your waist, flatter your tummy and basically give you the dream hourglass figure. There are a variety of waist trainers out there. Everything from corsets and waist-cinchers to Body-shapers, fall under the umbrella of waist trainers.

While body shapers give you an instant nip & tuck under any outfit and are great for that quick-fix, specially under that tight little dress,  the more dedicated waist trainers & cinchers help teach your waist ways to cinch itself more permanently. A well-fitting waist trainer made of latex is high on compression grips your waist evenly from all sides reducing the space occupied by your abdomen. It helps rearrange fat as well as internal organs to improve your waist-to-hip ratio. The thermal compression technology in these wait trainers and cinchers applies heat to break down fat cells so you reduce 3-4 inches in few as 40 days!!

Consistency is the key when it comes to waist training. If you give your waist trainer some time and complement your waist training endeavor with proper exercise and diet, you can reap amazing rewards. Wearing a firm waist trainer to the gym is the trend of the moment. You do, however, need to get yourself the right waist trainer.

How to choose a Waist trainer?

Choosing a waist trainer that gels well with your body shape as well as your needs is crucial. If you are looking for a waist cincher that can go well under your clothes, sophisticated and sensual waist cinchers are appropriate. Available in nude and other light hues latex and satin-based waist trainers can be worn with virtually any garment.

If a gym partner is what you want, a waist trainer with compression is what you should get. It can offer extra heat for your midsection while you are giving your abs a tough workout. A waist trainer made of breathable mesh can give you pressure as well as comfort.

If you are looking for something more rigid and serious, a well-structured corset should be opted. Durable materials and steel boning give them a firm bodice. The available laces give you the option to tighten them up as you shed inches.

All waist trainers help your body with the posture and provide lumbar support. For people suffering from back pain and stiff backs due to long hours at a desk, you should definitely invest in a good quality waist trainer that can provide your back some support and strengthen your core by forcing you to put most of your upper weight on your abdominal muscles rather than your back.

How to choose a good waist trainer?

When finalising a waist trainer, there are certain things other than its cost that should be considered. Depending on your comfort level, you should examine your waist trainer to see if it has inline boning or not. Many waist-cinchers and corset whether latex-made or cotton-based, employ the efficacy of covered boning to offer firm yet flexible structure. So steel boning is recommended as it is flexible in nature and really helps with back support and posture.

A good waist trainer should have steel boning spread evenly across its body. Plastic boning is cheaper but can lose its shape rather quickly. Spiral steel boning is the way to go when looking for durable and adaptable waist trainers.

Another consideration should be the shape of the waist trainer. Depending on your taste, you can go for an under-bust or an over-bust corset. Strapless underbust Waist Trainers are more versatile as they go well with different styles of clothing. The overbust brocade corsets can be a stand-alone piece of garment that can be worn over your clothes.

The way the waist trainer straps around your body should not be ignored. Many waist shapers or cinchers that are latex based, only utilize the compression of the material itself. However, others use zips, hook-and-eye closures as well as metal clips on the front to provide flexible strapping. Most corsets use lacing to tighten the waist trainer according to need.

Most waist trainers are perfectly safe. If you get a waist trainer in the right size, you can expect to get the desired benefits without any negative effects. Before getting a waist trainer, carefully measure your natural waist, underbust, upper hips as well as your torso length. The most common mistake women make is measuring themselves wrongly and hence buying a tight trainer/ cincher. As a result, they never achieve the desired results that waist training is capable of giving. If it’s constricting and you can’t breathe, adjust the hook & eye closure. It should also not be big otherwise compression will not happen and hence no inch loss. Also, give your waist trainer some time to season and take your body shape. And most importantly- go easy. Start by wearing it for 2 hours and gradually take it up to 6 hours. Do not wear it at night- because your organs also need a rest.

Get a waist trainer that is not so small that it gives you a constricting feel and not so big that it fails to cinch your waist. Give your trainer some seasoning time, to get accustomed to your curves. Go slow. And see a curvaceous, fitter YOU!


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