The Magic Of Bamboo Charcoal Body Shaper

Hey All!

Have you wondered if it is possible to invest in a shape wear which can make you lose inches, give your body an instant nip & tuck,  manage the embarrassing odour issue that happens to all of us when we are sweating inside a garment and ACTUALLY manage humidity control while you wear it!! Sounds like a wishful long list of “what-ifs”. But what if I tell you that ALL of this is possible?  IT IS POSSIBLE with The  NEW Magic Bamboo Charcoal Full Body Shape wear  which checks all of the above boxes.



Let me explain how that is possible. If you are a fan of South East Asian skin care remedies, like moi,  you’ll know the magic of bamboo and charcoal. There are tons of skin products containing “active bamboo charcoal” – from face masks to soaps to toothpaste. I use these products, and BOY! are they effective?! YES! Referred to as “the Black Diamond” in Japan and Southeast Asia, bamboo charcoal fibre is the hottest  innovation in the fashion industry as manufacturers  look to combine fashion with functionality.


What makes Bamboo Charcoal Fibre superior? The fabric posses antibacterial and antifungal qualities of natural bamboo. It has deodorising abilities. This yarn has a cross-section that contains micro holes. Hence it has better moisture absorption abilities. It absorbs and dries sweat fast and gives comfort to the wearer. This fabric does not stick to the skin in summer. On the contrary, during cold winters, they prove to be excellent insulators as well. Bamboo charcoal nano particles can absorb far infrared rays from the environment, and pass it to the body cells these far infra-red rays actually boost blood circulation! Thus, these garments provide way for healthy living. Fabrics made from bamboo charcoal do not have any chemicals, and hence is anti allergic. Nano particles are embedded in the fabric and not simply coated. Hence, the garment remains durable even after many washes. This yarn cannot be dyed, as it will take away its eco-friendly virtues. But it can be effectively combined with other fibres for getting vibrant colors.

Quite a list of goodies, isn’t it? Now combine all this goodness of magic Bamboo Charcoal fibre and shape it into a body suit? Now that is combining ,magic with functionality! This shape wear comes in the under-bust style, so you can wear the lingerie of your choice under it. The material tucks in the muffin top and the attached half pants lift your glutes and instantly slim your thighs. I think I’m sold to this idea. What about you? Have a wonderful weekend, my Loves. And remember to stay sexy!




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