The Fashion Evolution Of An Icon Called Madonna

Hello all you Trendsetters!

Madonna is the original style icon, the real bad-ass and a re-inventor (this term most aptly describes her) for the last 30 odd years (that sounds like a tough record to maintain by any standards). During her career, she has given us a wide genre of sounds and a constant evolution  of fashion. Her unapologetic, devil-may-care attitude along with a highly evolved style intuition has kept us looking out for more.  Here is a look at the her most iconic fashion moments on and off the stage (hint: involves a lot of cheekiness and some very fashionable corsets).



1984: At the first annual MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna took the bridal fashion to a new level in this sexy corset dress. The edgy virgin-  very Madonna, and very Hollywood.  

1985:  Madonna hit the red carpet of the American Music Awards next year in a sultry black Jean-Paul Gaultier corset dress and her signature strands of beads, crucifixes and pearls. It was edgy, with just a hint of the elegance to come. She made sure she was remembered, even as a newcomer in the music industry.
1987:  Madonna’s love for corsets stayed since “like a virgin” days. She performed for her “Who’s That Girl” world tour and mostly wore breath-taking corsets on stage.



1989: Her outfits of sexy, lacy underwear worn as outerwear and accessorised with crucifixes made her a fashion icon to millions of young girls (guilty as charged, here ).  Below is a pic of the singer giving an electric performance on stage in a pair of baggy trousers that she sexed up with a lacy corset top.



1990: HI THERE, Cone Bra!! During her “Blonde Ambition” tour, Madonna revealed some of the most ambitious outfits of her stage career. This eye-popping, jaw-dropping  cone bra ensemble, designed by her fashion designer friend Jean-Paul Gaultier, remains one of her most infamous looks to date.
1997: Just WOW! Madonna looked like a dream at the Golden Globe Awards where she received the Best Actress Award for portraying Evita. She had just given birth to her child but that didn’t stop her from looking fab in a Dolce and Gabbana black bustier dress.

1999:  Madonna awed everyone at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards in a bright-red Jean-Paul Gaultier kimono with a broad waist cincher (yes, it can be used as a fashion accessory. Lots of celebs wear their waist trainers over clothes). The look was an interpretation of the novel “Memoirs of a Geisha”.

2003: The MTV VMA’s drew a huge controversy when Madonna along with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera locked lips on stage. She proved she could still make headlines.
2005: Madonna reinvented herself yet again, this time a throwback to the Disco era. With the release of her new album Confessions On The Dance Floor, sparkles and shimmer was repackaged.  Even her hair was a tribute to her new disco phase.
2008: Induction into music’s Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame.
2011: At the Vanity Fair party, Madonna rocked it again with her teenage daughter, proving yet again that “fit & fabulous mama” is not just a cliche.
2012:  Halftime @ Super Bowl. Madonna performed a medley of her hits at half time reminding the world why she was and will remain an icon. Ofcourse, her choice of costume which was a combination of Cleopatra and a Gladiator, did help.
2015: With the release of her album Rebel Heart, Madonna brought the matador theme into the Grammy’s that year. With her own twist, of course! Check out the pic below.
2017: Madonna still continues to shock us with her fashion choices. The most recent being at the Met Gala 2017, where she stood out in her Moschino army inspired gown. Well, she’s 59 and still showing no signs of slowing down. Power to her!
 Lets promise to stay as sexy as Madonna @59, Loves!

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