Simple Tips To Get You That Small Waist

You have your eyes set on that tiny waist for a long time. And now you have bought yourself a waist trainer too…because believe it or not, those things are actually effective in burning those tough-to-lose few inches off that tummy and waist. But like everything else in life, even a waist trainer or a cincher cannot give results in isolation. If you really want to zap those inches fast & for good, combine your waist training regimen with a balanced diet & throw in just 30 minutes of exercise a day (yes, just 30 minutes) and then you’re well on your way to that slimmer waist & a fitter YOU.

And how you do that? Well, that is what Iam here to show you. So be patient and read through….

The Exercises to add the K-BOOM to your waist training : The secret to amazing abs? Don’t do crunches!! Yes, you read that right! There are far more effective core targeting exercises that you should combine with waist training for magical results. Replace your crunches with the PLANK. Strap on your waist trainer and get planking.  Full plank & sideway planks are proven to target your core muscles thus giving a tight and lean midsection .


Workout waist trainers are meant to stimulate more thermal activity in the core and help you sweat more during your workout. In addition, the high compression trainer along with its internal boning also supports good back posture. Back posture and alignment are important while working out as it helps maximize your muscle engagement. With a good waist trainer your muscles will work more efficiently, your lifts will be stronger and the waist trainer can help prevent pain and injury.


                                                                Full body workout to pair with your waist trainer for overall fitness



                                                                   Waist targeting workouts (with your waist trainer) that give you a tiny waist




                                                       Upper Body Workout to pair with your Waist Trainer for Eliminating Bat Wings & Love Handles








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