Kim Kardashian West Shows Off THAT WAIST Again

Hello there!

Kim Kardashian West is known to have the perfect hourglass figure that us mortals can only envy and dream of. She has attributed her killer waist and abs to waist training and she was one of the first few celebrities to recognise the incredible benefits of the same.


This week she jetted in and out of New York in some incredible waist- baring outfits. At the JFK airport she stole the show with an athleisure look with a twist- in a way that only KKW can. She paired a bandeau top from the Adidas collection (more like a headband, but hey, who are we to know?) with sweatpants and Yeezy python heels. What caught my attention was the way she had put together the whole “look” and of course her incredible abs (remember waist training?). Check out yourself

Incase you feel like a serious case of “ab-envy” coming on (like I did), you can buy your Kim Kardashian waist trainer right here at a special discount!! Only for $99 !! Now thats a bargain!


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