How To Lose Weight Fast- Quick & Easy Tips

All of us are in the same boat when it comes to weight loss it should be fast & easy. Having accepted that, we should also come to terms with the fact that weight loss does not come packaged in a miracle pill. Making small, specific goals is key to losing weight long-term —it is the result of dedication & mindfulness. And quite easy to achieve if we keep the following tips in mind. Check out my favorite, no-fail jump-starts to feeling like your old self (i.e. back into your bodycon dress) without crazy fad diets.


Take A Deep Breath: Ever found yourself mindlessly munching while you brood about your latest romantic rejection or eating a hamburger and fries in front of your computer as you furiously try to make a work deadline? Perhaps you’re a busy mom, eating cookies in your car as you shuttle the kids back and forth to a slew of activities. the stress that comes from stressing makes the pounds creep on. Research has shown that cortisol, the hormone that’s released during stressful activity, is linked to fat storage. We found levels of cortisol in the hair to be positively and significantly correlated to larger waist circumference and higher body mass index or BMI,  said lead author Sarah Jackson, a research associate at the Institute of Epidemiology and Health at University College London.”These results provide consistent evidence that chronic stress is associated with higher levels of obesity.”


Curb Your Sugar Honey: Eating sugary foods might be satisfying at the moment, but they can increase your cravings for more sugary foods in the future — and that only leads to trouble. Many foods high in added sugar are also higher in calories and fill you up less than lower-calorie, still-sweet alternatives like fruit.  But there are still ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without ODing on sugar. For example, when you are baking, cut out some of the sugar in recipes by adding in vanilla extract or cinnamon. Substitute French toast with unsweetened frozen fruit instead of syrup. For more ideas on how to banish sugar and still keep your life interesting, try these healthier sugar substitutes.


Forget Apples, Eat More avocado: If you ever needed an excuse to eat more avocados, this is it. People tend to steer clear of healthy fats when they’re trying to lose weight, but they might just be the solution. Studies show that by simply adding some avocado to your lunch every day, it’ll fill you up enough that you won’t be mindlessly munching on junk food later. Slice one in half, sprinkle a little sea salt and eat the inside with a spoon. Doing so allows you to absorb three to five times more carotenoids, a disease-fighting compound associated with improved weight and fat loss.


Strength Training: Invest in light-weight dumbells for the house. It’s a one-time investment you’ll never regret. Here’s why: Strength training builds lean muscle tissue, which burns more calories — at work or at rest — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The more lean muscle you have, the faster you’ll slim down. Training with a waist trainer or cincher has been known to accelerate weight loss and build a shapely midriff. To know more about how to exercise in your waist trainer, click here.  And if you have any doubts about the efficacy of waist training, read this article. How do you start strength training?Try these quick moves: squats, bench step-ups, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, and planks. In a pinch, just do single sets of 10 for each exercise — you’ll get optimal results for the time invested. Try some push-ups or a few squats or lunges. Use your free weights to perform simple biceps curls or triceps pulls right in your home or office. Do these exercises three to four times per week, and you’ll soon see a toned, curvy you.


Snack Away: Grazing is a surprisingly good idea because it helps you avoid metabolic slowdown. Your body will be tricked into thinking it’s constantly eating, so it will never slow your metabolism down. Aim for five small meals (200 to 500 calories) a day rather than three large ones. Also, try not to go more than four hours without eating — if you eat breakfast at 7 am, for example, have a snack at 10 am lunch at noon, another snack at 3 pm and dinner at 7 pm.



Say Yes To Coffee Before Workout: a pre-exercise cup of java with a splash of skim milk (about 11 calories) or black (just 5 calories) will energize your workout. You’ll burn more calories without realizing you’re pushing yourself harder. Caffeine is a natural diuretic and an excellent source of antioxidants, which protect your cells from damage. You can have up to 400mg a day.



Get More Zzzz : It’s way more important for your waistline to head to bed instead of acting like a rock star every night. A study at the University of Chicago Medical Center found that people who got only four hours of sleep had much more difficulty processing carbs. The culprit? Increased levels of insulin and the stress hormone cortisol. When you’re exhausted, your body lacks the energy to do its normal day-to-day functions, which includes burning calories efficiently. So the best way to make sure your metabolism runs smoothly is to get six to eight hours of shuteye each night.







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