How To Lose That Post-Baby Belly Fat

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Having a baby is the biggest milestone for a woman and the biggest challenge for her body. Post-partum belly and thighs are the toughest areas to tackle, specially after having a baby. New mothers across the world have recognised the benefits of using compression garments to tackle the post-baby fat. Today, a growing number of new moms are attempting to smooth their postbaby mummy tummies into oblivion with the help of the  modern-day belly wrap or the compression garment. While corseting as a technique is old, the modern-day  waist trainers, girdles and shape-garments are about “squeezing-it-in-till-it goes” and are specially designed to make you lose that belly and thigh fat, while you nurse. While also helping to maintain the posture and provide lumbar support for the back, which is the worst hit area during pregnancy.

Does Post-Baby Waist Training Work?

Let us understand the post-birth body.  With all the fluid and hormonal shifts that take place during pregnancy, the amount of water retention after birth can be intense and uncomfortable. Most of us don’t even relate to that body we get post a delivery. For many, this post-birth water retention is worse during that first week after delivery than during the pregnancy. It takes about two weeks for the abrupt retention to dissipate, and about another two weeks for the remainder to fade. Meanwhile, a new mom is still waiting for her uterus to shrink from the size of a watermelon to the size of pear (wooaahhh, that’s kinda crazy) which can take up to six weeks. Waist trainers and compression garments can help relieve water retention and shrink the uterus faster.

What waist trainers/ compression garments/ girdles/ corsets do is tighten the waist, where the maximum fat deposits and water retention occurs by  promoting thermal activity and perspiration that triggers fat loss. This process also makes you lose inches from your midriff/ thighs and reshapes your body.

Many of the hottest celebrity mamas, like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Kim Zolciak, Jessica Alba, Ciara, Brooke Burke-Charvet, and JWoww and Snooki from The Jersey Shore, claim that waist cinching helped bring their bodies back to their before-baby glory. And that is quite evident as these hot-mamas have been very vocal on social media about this (KK, Jessica Alba, Amber Rose).

Non-celebrity moms have also turned to waist training after their pregnancy. Sheelagh, a New York City mother of three, started wrapping her middle after her third child was born. “I was a little hesitant to try it out. I was concerned about not being able to breathe, but the postnatal fitness program I was following recommended it so I gave it a shot — and I don’t regret it,” she says. At first, Sheelagh wore her corset only during light post-baby workouts. But after a few weeks, she started to wear it all day, as she got more and more used to having the cincher around her waist  (we recommend wearing the waist trainer/cincher anywhere from 6-8 hours a day.) “It was flattering, fairly comfortable, and it was helping me trim my middle,” she says. Sheelagh packed her corset up after sixteen weeks and was pleased with the slimming results.

I have lined up a few of the best picks for your post-partum body shaping. Scroll through and see for yourself how fabulous these “magic”garments are!


1- Kim Kardashian Limited Edition Belly Bandit:
Celeb moms- Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, who have  been photographed wearing theirs to the gym swear by these waist trainers or “Belly Bandits”. It’s believed that an abdominal compression wrap like this, when worn steadily in the first several weeks postpartum, helps to provide constant pressure against the abdomen, helping to reduce uterine swelling, decrease bloating, flatten the post-baby jelly belly and improve your posture when nursing. Check out the Kim Kardashian waist trainer here, at a discounted price of ONLY $84.95m:


2- Post-pregnancy tummy, thighs and butt-shaper: Most moms we know could use an extra spring in their step and a confidence booster. This  butt-boosting, thigh and tummy slimming shaper (that lifts, rounds and separates) can help to provide it. Meant to be worn with your own lingerie (read: front open bra), this shaper helps flatten bellies and trim thighs while improving your rear view. Comes with adjustable straps and a front zipper. Check it out here:



3- The Marrisa Full Body Shaper:This is a serious, special-occasion shaper, offering very firm (read: zero jiggle) control for the tummy, back and thighs. It fits under the bra line, allowing access to “the girls” for nursing moms. The straps are adjustable, and it comes with an open cotton gusset (which you’ll appreciate, given how challenging it would be to remove this thing in a restroom). Available in nude colour. Check it out here:



4- Crystal Seamless High-waist, Tummy-Control Girdle: Not the one for full body shapers? Try this tummy control girdle for maximum support and coverage. Its seamless design and high waist ensures that the belly flab is kept tucked in and under control. It is short enough to allow you to wear shorter dresses (online other shape-wear that can stretch to mid-thigh and comes in an “adjustable waist” design for optimal comfort.The high-waist tummy control, butt-lifter girdle tucks the tummy in, lifts the hips up and gives you a poised, slimmer shape around the tummy and bottom. The high waist design also provides midsection and back support



5- Post-pregnancy Hourglass Body Shaper With Bra: This amazing body shaper offers not only slimming power but some serious sex appeal. It is specially made keeping post-pregnancy body in mind. A miraculous hourglass shape appears as soon as you slip into this medium-control body suit, in nude. This body shaper has adjustable hook and eye closures for the right fit, and under wired bra to lift the breasts immediately. The high-control material if this body suit slims you and gives the sexy hourglass figure under any kind of outfit by eliminating any muffin-tops and enhancing the bust & hips and accelerating postpartum recovery



6- NEW. Bust & Upper-Arm Trainer With Sleeves: Despite all of the lifting and carrying that comes with motherhood, our upper backs and arms just don’t seem to get the message that they should be totally toned by now. Fortunately, this top helps upper arms look slimmer, as well as offering moderate torso compression to help the rest of your body look sleeker too. Available in black. sizes S to XXXL


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