How To Get The Most Out Of Waist Training

Hello Lovlies!

Sometimes inspite of our best hard work and busting ass (literally), we fail to see desired results from our exercise or waist training regimen. However hard you might be working out in the gym, it will be tough to see results if you don’t have the following in check…


1- No fad diets please: Let us banish the word “diet” once and for all. Let us replace it with “healthy eating”. By healthy eating I don’t mean live on salad leaves, rather eat foods that are colourful and try to avoid all the white foods. For e.g.; flour, white sugar, white rice, etc.

2- Carbs before workout, Protein after: Eat good carbs like oatmeal, whole grain toast, Greek yogurt with nuts, etc BEFORE a workout. Carbs provide slow release energy that is much needed for a workout. Post workout, stay with proteins as they help repair muscle tissue. Good proteins to consume are salmon with sweet potato, grilled chicken & vegetables, omelette with avocado, etc.  


3- Eat small portions: This is crucial for losing inches. And please do not feel the need to finish off everything on the plate- your stomach will thank you for it.

4- Do not deprive yourself: This only leads to binge eating. Instead, have a small bite of that doughnut if you really crave for it. But just a small bite, remember? Because if you don’t, you will dream of that doughnut and probably raid the fridge  in the middle of the night and eat the whole one.

5- Eat slowly: Make a ceremony out of it so that you appreciate what you’re eating. Eat slowly, mindfully. Chew on each morsel, so you’ll feel satisfied even when you have eaten less.

6- Enjoy food: Ok, not too much but appreciate the food on your plate. Even if it is not much or doesn’t look appealing because you’re craving for that steak instead. Remember, food is one of life’s joys and not a punishment (unless one is bulimic, in which case I can’t say much).

7- Get enough sleep: This is very often the culprit. We don’t realise how important sleep is for our bodies, not just for the mind. Getting regular, uninterrupted sleep is the single most important factor is regulating metabolism. It is also the only time our body gets to repair itself. If you don’t get quality sleep, try a warm bath before, or listening to some meditative music before bedtime or a cup of warm milk.


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