How To Get A Flat Tummy Fast

The countdown to Christmas and the holidays have begun.Between saying no to that last helping or that cocktail, to squeezing into that sexy body-hugging party dress the struggle is real, folks!  And if you are wondering how to get that stomach under control, fret no more. I have a few tips and tricks to achieve that flat tummy, without crazy diets or exercises (yes, it is true!). Because let’s be honest its the holiday season and nobody is expected to diet or make any drastic lifestyle changes – all those are a part of the ‘New year resolutions ” (wink, wink).


Luxuriate in the bath:  Remember I said these tips will be fun? Yes, take a long bath. Research has shown that taking a relaxing bath really help you lose weight!   Epsom salt, widely known for its use with muscle soreness and pain, could assist you to lose some unwanted weight.  Although it is called a salt, it is not exactly a salt, but a type of naturally occurring mineral compound enriched with sulfate and magnesium. Epsom salt looks like small, clear crystals.

Epsom salt gets absorbed into our skin very fast and starts working almost immediately by increasing the levels of magnesium and sulfate in our bloodstream. It works as a natural detoxifying agent that extracts excess toxins (all sodium, phosphorous and nitrogenous) from our body including the fat cells. This eventually perks up the calorie-burning capacity of our body.As it pulls toxins out of the system, the bodily metabolism gets regularized and the absorption of nutrients becomes better. This also puts a stop to emotional eating and prevents weight gain indirectly.

Epsom salt baths are what many celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham secretly do for a flatter stomach. Just mix two cups of Epsom salt in warm bath water and then soak for 15 minutes 2-to-3 times per week to get rid of bloating and lose water weight. Add a few drops of lavender oil for the ultimate relaxing bath.

Soak yourself in a tub of warm water for about 15 minutes to help you lose excess water weight for a flatter stomach.



Skip the Soda and add natural diuretics to your day:  Where do you think all those bubbles from carbonated drinks end up? They gang up in your belly!  Instead, sip on natural diuretics in the day like green tea, coffee, carrot juice, cranberry juice they actually help you flush out toxins. Use anti-bloating foods & drinks for a flatter stomach like Fennel Tea, Peppermint Herbal Tea, Chamomile Tea, ginger, pineapple, papaya, parsley, and yogurt containing probiotic. Check out some simple diet tips to follow for a small waist.


Grapefruit, the magic fruit:  The acidity in grapefruit slows digestion, so you’ll feel fuller, longer. And just half a grapefruit packs 64% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake. Look for ones that feel heavy for their size with a fine-grained skin. In your next fruit and vegetable shopping list, add grapefruit.


Straighten Up:  When you correct your posture, you are naturally engaging your core muscles (read stomach muscles). As you go about your day, imagine there’s a magnet pulling your belly button back toward your spine. Practice the tuck until it becomes comfortable, and soon this easy ab-engaging move will become like second nature. Whether sitting for long hours or standing up, remind yourself to engage that core and push the chest out. It is the easiest and one of the most effective things to do.


Drink more H20: Guzzling on water flushes out the toxins. And don’t worry about the “water weight”. Being dehydrated causes the body to hoard water and actually store water, you guessed it, in your midsection! If you are not the drinking types (water, I mean) try this lemon water. It is the best thing you can do for your body.


Cut out the salt: The more sodium in your body = more water retention = bloating. Consume less than 2500 mg of sodium daily to prevent that midriff from looking inflated.



Stop chewing gum: Because chewing forces you to swallow more puff-producing air. Then you swallow too much air… the air becomes trapped in your stomach and this causes gas which leads to bloating and it can also keep you from squeezing into your skinny jeans If you need to freshen your breath, you’re better off sucking on a mint.


Pass the Pretzel and ask for the Almonds: Snacking on nuts has been connected with having a lower waist circumference, as per studies. Nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, making them a more satisfying pick than pretzels. Make sure you stick to the unsalted versions to keep the sodium in check.



Sculpt your tummy while doing daily chores: Wear a waist trainer/ cincher while doing daily activities. The steel boning of the waist trainer provides excellent core and lower back support and that means your stomach and core muscles are supported.  As you go about your day, imagine there’s a magnet pulling your belly button back toward your spine. Practice the tuck until it becomes comfortable, and soon this easy ab-engaging move will become like second nature.






Get off your butt: Yes, that’s not asking for too much! Just as little as 20 minutes of mild exercise a day will change your body. Mild cardio or hitting the gym it’s up to you. For inspiration, check out some of our favorite celebrity moms and their workout routines here. And invest in a good quality waist trainer which is designed for the gym. It provides added core and lumbar support while doing weights. Stand as much as possible when doing strength training exercises way your abs will naturally help to balance and stabilize your body. To add an extra flat belly boost to your weight routine, concentrate on keeping your abs tight and maintaining good posture while you lift, but without holding your breath.


So let’s get to it, ladies!



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