Do Waist Shapers Really Work?

Of late, a sensation has taken over the internet & social media and it’s called waist training. I know that one question in the back of your mind when you see social media full of brands promoting waist shapers, trainers and cinchers. Well, let me be upfront – waist training does not work. And before you go “well, I thought as much”….let me finish. Waist training does not work in isolation. Waist training is a regimen which has to be supported with modifications in diet and a strict workout programme, to see desired results (and believe me, the results are astounding).


The obvious success and proof that waist shapers actually have a remarkable effect on slimming our waist is that tons of celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Amber Rose, Nikki Minaj, etc have been obsessed with their waist trainers. The non-believers would like to imagine they’ve been paid a ton of cash to promote this stuff and they HAVE been paid a ton of cash to promote this stuff!! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t mind extra cash (yes, even rich celebrities). But the proof is in their social media posts where they have credited their post-partum bodies to waist training. It wasn’t magic or liposuction or surgery.  And all it takes is a simple google search and you’ll know that the term waist shapers throws up “About 6,81,000 results” and an Instagram search for the hashtag #waisttrainer throws up 60k+ posts and the hashtag #waistshaper yields about 104,646 posts. Do you still think that waist training is a fable or a fallacy?




A lot of people would like to believe it is a fallacy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to put on a fancy little belt and wish for their waist to shrink to an amazing “Kardashian-esque” size?? Waist shapers  are primarily made of latex, which has the ability to make you sweat tons. The steel boning in your waist trainer provides lumbar support to your abs and pelvic region. When you wear your waist shaper it feels tight, secure, lengthening and can feel slightly warm. Here’s why… Waist trainers use compression to help you connect to your abs (as in realize that you have abs) and encourage you to engage by drawing them in and up. Once a waist trainer is latched on properly, you will stand taller, sit up straighter (no slumping) and pull your shoulders back. You will also have the benefit of lower back support, which is great for people who sit for long periods behind a desk.

The reason you might feel warmth while wearing a waist trainer is because they stimulate thermal activity in your midsection. You will sweat & thats the whole point – of fitness! Sweating in this area can begin to mobilize fat cells and that is why I recommend investing in a fitness trainer for core moves. They really put that extra zing in shaping your body during a workout.

So yes, you can “strap on the fancy belt” and with a little exercise and persistence, can lose up to 4-5 inches from your tummy and waist!! This theory makes the non-believers say..hey but sweat is water-loss & its going to come right back once you drink that bottle of H2O. Hold on, I am coming to that….

Some myths about waist training- BUSTED!!

Myth #1- Sweating  means you’re losing WATER NOT FAT: Though sweating itself does not mean fat loss; for e.g. you can sweat on an excessively hot day. But it is not “hopeless sweating” as most personal trainers/ nutritionists preach. Sweating in the gym or during moderate to high-intensity workouts does make you lose fat. It is not “water loss” which will be regained as soon as you drink a bottle of water (like the nutritionists/ fitness “specialists” would like you to believe). Add your waist shaper to your workout routine, and BANG!! You’ve just added 2x power to your workout. For really effective stomach-fat losing sessions, add core training to your regular workout.



Myth #2 –  Spot reduction is not possible: Spot reduction, aka: targeting certain areas of your body for fat loss isn’t possible is what most people say (remember I am here to bust some common theories around waist training?). Well,  answer is YES, it is possible .In short, the secrets to targeted fat reduction are:

  1. Redirecting blood flow to the fatty area (targeted exercises)
  2. Contracting the muscles adjacent to that fatty area (this is where you hook on your waist shaper)
  3. Timing aerobic activity and midsection work properly (with your waist trainer)

It is a known fact that cold fat does not mobilise well, hence you have to warm it up (thermal compression technology of waist shaper?). Increase the blood flow and you can extract more fat from the stubborn area. The fact is that bodybuilders  have been using spot reduction techniques with great success. And if it is still unbelievable then read some more here.


Myth #3- Waist training gives instant results: Well, it is not for the complacent and lazy. To achieve desired results, you have to get off that ass . If you only use your waist shaper one day in a week, you will not notice any results. Please remember that it is a training which should be done regularly. Wearing corsets or waist shapers for 4-8 hours every day of the week can show pretty amazing results. Since waist cinchers can be hidden underneath your regular clothes, you will not have any problem with wearing them everyday, to the office, or the gym or just around the house doing daily chores. You can definitely get the body of your dreams, without surgery, if you dedicate your time and effort to making waist training work. Coupled with exercise and a healthy diet, you will soon have that enviable waist, minus the love-handles and muffin top.


Myth #4- It can damage your organs: well, so can excessive drinking and eating, right? Anything in excess is bad even the good stuff, like high-impact running, which in the long “run” (pun intended) impacts your knees & lower back or that detox diet (which is not such a great idea, as research is proving).  Fact is that if you wear your waist shaper/ waist trainer the way it is meant to be worn and no more than the recommended number of hours, it is very efficient in burning the tummy fat & is actually excellent for your posture. Wearing a too-tight trainer will make your feel constricted and may cause discomfort so the secret is in buying the right size. Thumb rule is that you start from the innermost row of hooks and in a few months, work your way to the outermost row. Do not start by cinching too tightly. Buy a good quality waist shaper like the ones available here. Waist trainers are not meant to be worn 24 hours a day. In fact, doing so will weaken your core muscles and your stomach will become flabby instead of strong. If you are going to start waist training, begin by wearing the trainer for only 2 hours a day. Gradually work your way up to, at most, 8 hours a day.


Like most things in life, quick fixes rarely work. That is why waist training is called a “regimen” and not a “miracle”. If that was the case, we all would be walking around looking like Victorias Secret models. But waist shaping requires dedication, consistency and patience to see the results. And the results you will definitely see for yourself. And don’t let anyone convince you otherwise…..



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