A Quick Guide To Gaining Curves

Curves will always be in fashion. Curves are the new black! The thing is, having a curvy body is all about being healthy and strong. If you weren't born with an hourglass figure, there are workouts & waist training that can help you to sculpt and uncover your curves and bring them to light.

Having an hourglass body or curves has been epitomised since the time of Marlyn Monroe to the modern day godesses like Beyonce and JLo!

To get a curvy body your waist needs to be small, your hips and bust needs to be slightly wider and your butt must be lifted.

Everyone's bone structure and built are based their genetics but that doesn't mean you cannot sculpt the body of your dreams. However, you must keep in mind a realistic goal to achieve the best curves your body can produce. 

1- Cut down on Calories: Your main diet should consist of lean meats, proteins, whole grains, fruits & low-fat dairy. When you're feeling hungry and want to snack on something, go for things like avocado, carrot sticks, berries, kale chips and nuts. Eating enough fiber will help to keep your stomach fuller, hence keeping you from over eating. To add more fiber to your diet you can eat beans, brussel sprouts, oatmeal, whole grains and vegetables.

2-  Start by Cardio: And one of the most powerful and effective way to do that is by doing cardio. Generally speaking, your body needs to burn more calories than the amount you consume. Cardio is just a type of exercise that will help to burn through the calories that you ate through the day. There are various types of cardio that you can do, for example, walking, sprinting and jogging.

3- Preform targeted core exercises: Focusing on the midsection is the most effective way to get an hourglass body. The core includes the abs, lower back & obliques. Side crunches with dumbells will tone your obliques. Deadlifts will help with the lower back. Planks & crunches will tone your abs. These are just some of the focus exercises you should do 4-5 times a week.

4- Waist Train: Essentially a waist trainer is a wide elasticated belt. The idea being that used continuously, the belt ‘trains’ your tummy to hold a smaller, firmer shape.The ‘waistshaper is a unique latex material which attacks unwanted fat and impurities within your body. The reshaping line will strengthen your core all the while improving your posture. The thermogenesis created within your body will allow your body to rid itself of harsh toxins and impurities, through perspiration. While wearing the waist trainer, with tight compression, like this one will help to reduce food intake which will help achieve the healthier practice of smaller meals.

5- Focus on the Hips: there are some exercises that focus mainly on the waist and butt so doing these exercises regularly will give you a much better build-up of muscles and remove excess fat from your buttocks while toning, lifting and tightening it. The video below shows you how...





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