6 Celebrities Before & After Using Waist Trainers

Being a celebrity is a tough job because one is constantly under media and public scrutiny. That is the reason stars are the first to try a new diet or a fitness aid. Waist trainers have been used and with fab results by a lot of celebrities. If you do not believe the benefits of waist training then check out these celeb pictures for yourself. As they say, a picture is more than a thousand words!


Jennifer Farley, star of Jersey Shore



Snooki, the reality TV star, author, dancer and professional wrestler loves her waist trainer for its fitness benefits 



Edee Beau, award winning celebrity hair & make-up artist



Lindsey Lohan (LiLo)



Kim Kardashian, mother of two (seen here 14 weeks after giving birth) 



Jessica Alba (who was one of the first celebrities to try waist trainers, and you can see results here)



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