13 Instant Slimming Fashion Hacks- That Actually Work!

Ok- the holiday season is over and now it is time for the ‘new year, new me” resolves. And one of them is definitely to lose those extra pounds that we are all guilty of piling on. While we all have phases where we feel bloated or just “blah” – the good news is that our clothes have the power to slim us instantly, with a little help from good shapewear Read on for a round-up of the easiest slimming hacks, perfected by the fashion industry, to make you look a dress smaller, in a minute!


1- Wear Solid Colors: Ditch those bold prints when you want to look slim. Or if you absolutely must wear prints, Stick to small, dainty prints like festive stars or wear a print on the slimmest part of your body to avoid looking a dress size bigger.


2- Opt For Strategic Colour Blocking:  Search for dresses with innovative color blocking or cut-out designs, like the one featured below. The hourglass shape gives the illusion of a thinner waist, hiding imperfections and cutting the silhouette to give a sleek look.


3- Body-hugging Is Your Friend: Contrary to popular belief, wearing loose, oversized clothing actually makes you look larger, even though you might be feeling “fat”. A major misconception about dressing for a fuller figure is that baggy clothing hides a person’s extra weight. On the contrary, loose clothing makes a person look larger, fashion experts say. Rather, it’s form-fitting clothing paired with flowy layers like a sweater or scarf that creates a more slimming silhouette.


4- Belt It: Add a belt on the narrowest part of the waist to accentuate and create the illusion of curves. Use a belt, shirt tuck, or ruching to draw all eyes and attention to the narrowest part of your torso. This timeless trick will keep the focus away from any sags or bulges. Clasp a stylish belt on your outfit and look slimmer in a jiffy!


5- Invest In Good Shapewear: Undergarments that smooth, shape, and tuck away folds, rolls, and bloat can be the confidence boost you need to really strut your stuff. Women can achieve a trimmer waistline using products like a full body shaper which tucks in the tummy, raises the hips, slims the thigh & are completely seamless. Find yours here. 

If you are worried about looking fabulous in that slinky party dress, you should definitely invest in a backless body shaper with removable straps. This one is highly rated and proven to lift, shape & accentuate your body under tight-fitting dresses. Check it out here.


6- Go Monochromatic: Outfits that stick to one color palette are the most flattering for any body shape. Whether you opt for pants, a skirt, a blazer or coat, choose a neutral palette such as nude, grey or navy. Don’t mix and match too many colors. One color tone maximizes the slimming effect.


7- Bootcut Pants please: Invest in dark-colored bootcut bottoms. Bootcut pants that are black, navy, or a deep shade of indigo have a slimming effect on the abdomen, pelvis, and rear end. The bootcut style, in particular, makes the legs look longer and therefore more trim. To give an extra boost to the hips, wear hip-raising panties, which are also seamless & breathable. Moreover, this Hot Butt-Lifter Underwear will compress your tummy, making any bulges vanish. So when you look in the mirror you’ll see tall, slim legs & an enviable butt!


8- Wear Heels: The taller you are, the skinnier you appear. So don’t be afraid to add a little extra height. If you’re clumsy on your feet, opt for a platform or wedge heel rather than the more precarious stiletto.  The heel height will elongate legs creating the illusion of a longer, slender figure. You’ll feel fantastic in a flash!



9- Raise Your Hemline: Long hemlines that cover the ankles add the illusion of bulk. The wrong hemline will add inches to your figure! When wearing skirts or dresses opt for a hemline about 1 inch above the knees and if you want to make your legs look even slimmer- add heels. And boom! You’re done!


10- Smart Fabrics: For a svelte look, spandex, jersey, cashmere, and fine cotton are your go-to fabrics because they help shape the contours of the body. But steer clear from corduroy, crushed velvet, metallic, leather, sequin-adorned materials, and suede. These heavily textured fabrics will add pounds as well as pizzazz to your look.


11- Try A V-Neck: All hail the V-neck — A simple neckline that works effortlessly to slim down the frame by creating the illusion of height. It’s the most flattering neckline out there and it does the trick every time.


12- Its A Wrap: Invest in a few warp dresses or tops because they really work in creating the illusion of a narrower body by cleverly camouflaging the midsection. A wrap top or dress will instantly enhance curves and take inches away from a big tum. If wrap styles aren’t your thing, then try a style with ruching on one side for the same effect.

13- Confidence Is The Key: Another less tangible (and free) style trick? Carry yourself with confidence, even if you feel bloated and crazy. Posture is a big part of the equation and can make a remarkable difference in your appearance in only seconds. If you’re looking to get a flat tummy fast (without exercising) — check this out. Its the lazy girls guide to a flat tummy.  It will have you feeling svelte in no time. Still not getting motivated? See this article on the hottest celebrity moms who juggle fast-paced lives but are an inspiration to us all. Find out how they do it.


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