11 Tips To Host A Stress-Free Friendsgiving This Year

Let’s face it- our friends have felt more like family always. Maybe it is because of the fact that we see them more often than our real flesh & blood family and arguably the best part about hosting a Thanksgiving Friendsgiving is that our friends won’t ask us awkward questions. Or keep an eye on the number of drinks guzzled. In fact, they’ll probably encourage the latter part. Thank God for likeminded friends!

This is definitely not your mother’s Thanksgiving, and it definitely doesn’t have to be perfect. Just like those classic holiday episodes of Friends taught us, sometimes Friendsgiving is, even more, fun if it gets a little messy.

Here are 11 ways you can throw a legendary Friendsgiving party.

1-I shall have a potluck:

The most important rule of Friendsgiving party is that you have to make it a pot-luck affair. There is no way that you can sign up for hosting as well as cooking the entire meal courses unless you are Wonderwoman. Which you might be on other days, but Thanksgiving is not one of them. Step # 1 is to  Email the guests with the categories of dishes necessary, and make it clear that there can’t be too many repeated flavors. Meaning, the first person or two who responds “I’ll do sweet potatoes” gets to bring them. Which leads me to the thought “one cannot have too many kinds of potatoes “. And yes, some of you have to make a salad and that’s that (lucky YOU).

For some great tasting and unique potato recipes, head over to. http://bit.ly/2zP2U4n  Yes, you can thank me later

2-I shall make the Turkey & hence the sauce

And nothing else! That’s the privilege of being the host & letting your friends go wild at your place for Friendsgiving. Remember, you’ll be cleaning up all of the next days- so you deserve a few perks. And if you are cooking the turkey then allow yourself the time you need to start the whole process of buying, thawing, and maybe brining at least four days in advance. For real. And you’ll need stuff: a 5-gallon bucket for brining, a roasting pan and rack, a meat thermometer, a board to carve it on, and a platter to serve it on (turkey checklist). Thankfully we live in the age of Google, so even cooking a turkey 🦃 is not too much sweat. Try this Alton Brown recipe. Its rated 5 stars by thousands of people. Cannot go wrong here http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/good-eats-roast-turkey-recipe-1950271



And don’t forget to make liters of gravy to go with it!


3-I shall play good music or assign someone else to do it

Which also means that the host should have good speakers. Or ask friends to pitch in with their speakers or playlist. There’s nothing harder on both guests and hosts than a quiet room—a particularly tricky situation if you’ve invited people who don’t know each other well. In that scenario, only music can set you free. And please keep in mind their tastes too, just because you like jazz doesn’t mean they do too. The playlist should be upbeat and popular and dancy.

4-I shall make sure there is enough booze

Our friends will forgive a burnt turkey or a meal that is not high in variety but they will never forgive you for running out of drinks. Figure that every person will have two drinks per hour, and plan accordingly. It’s also worth stocking up on sodas and water for people who prefer not to drink (HUH?? Do you know any such people??)





5-I shall have enough ice to preserve bodies on

Even if you don’t like ice, make sure there is enough to go around until the end. Ask friends to carry some- I always do that when hosting a large party. Nobody minds it, coz they know it definitely won’t be a party where they would have to guzzle warm vodkas later (believe me that is enough incentive to carry ice). Keep a large ice box with the ice and beers init and transfer to the freezer as and when needed.



6-I shall not allow guests to prep and assemble in MY kitchen

An absolute no-no. That is the reason that this potluck was planned remember? You as the host will be too busy busting that turkey, making the gravy, making sure people are helping themselves to drinks, making sure they always have a drink AND answering the door (I may have left out a few things). So make doubly sure that friends don’t turn up with half done dishes to be assembled/ finished in your kitchen which already resembles a war zone.



7- I shall create a simple cocktail or a signature punch

This really takes the pain out of serving each guest their drink. It is great for the first couple of rounds and after that, the booze-gang can figure their way around and fix their own drinks. Check out this simplest alcoholic punch- For something this easy, the reward is quite amazing. Mix 8 parts apple cider and 1 part dark rum (you can also use a whiskey such as a bourbon) in a punch bowl or a mixing bowl. Add apple slices or cinnamon sticks and cloves if you want to make it extra cute. And give it some dirty name (its Friendsgiving, remember?)




8- I shall try to use real plates and glasses

Try not to cut corners here, please! Putting the food your guests worked hard to make into a nice bowl or on a platter makes it look infinitely better and is such a nice gesture. You can also just serve everything in the Tupperware that guests bring it in, which is totally fine. The friends know this isn’t your Parents house and you’re not at the point in your life where you have a fully-stocked cabinet of crystal glasses and serving dishes. But you don’t want to use disposable cups — this isn’t a fresher party either. Mason jars look great and stylish — and unlike traditional whiskey glasses, can be recycled to serve smoothies and juices and cocktails on other days. Mason jars are a good, year-round investment.





9- I shall NOT forget that sexy dress I have been saving up

Yes, I know how hard you have been working on your body (or maybe not ; ) but this is the day to look like the hostess with the mostest. Pull out that bodycon number you have been saving all these months. And don’t worry about the love handles or the mummy-tummy, we have you covered with some of the best body shaping garments here  http://bit.ly/2hQns4S  Shop the widest and the most seamless body contouring stuff so that you look flawless and fabulous on Friendsgiving day.

10-I shall take it easy and have fun

Don’t seek perfection, seek fun. It is OK if the turkey doesn’t cook on time, people will just help themselves to another round of drinks. Or if a friend brings a dish that’s fabulous-  just CHILL. Everyone is out there to have fun & not be a critic. Remember, this is Friendsgiving, and you can get away with the crazies! Just don’t tell your Mom you had way more fun than her traditional Thanksgiving


 11- By Planning, Organising and Staying on top

If you plan, you stay on top of things and in control. It is boring but necessary. Have a checklist you can tick off and to make sure nothing gets left out and there are no last-minute planning disasters. You’ll be way happier about your decision to invite a ton of people over to your house for Friendsgiving. You go, Girl!!

Have a fabulous Friendsgiving, My Loves

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